Living Pilates and Yoga Timetable

Beginners & Beginners 2 Matwork class

Thursday, Absolute beginners,  FULL 6.00pm Ilse
Monday  (beginners 2) 7.00pm Sophie
 Wednesday  beginners 2 / Improvers 8.00pm  Ilse


Equipment Pilates

Tuesday 11.00am Sophie
Tuesday 3.30 pm  Ilse
Tuesday 8.00 pm                           Ilse
Wednesday 9.15 am  Ilse
Wednesday 12.15 pm  Ilse
Thursday 8.00pm  Ilse
Friday 9.30am  Ilse
Saturday 1.00 pm  Ilse

Improvers Matwork Pilates

Monday                         6.00pm             Sophie
wednesday                         1.30pm             Ilse
Tuesday                        10.00                Ilse      
Thursday                       10.00am            Ilse

Intermediate Matwork Pilates

Tuesday 7.00 pm Ilse
Wednesday 6.00 pm Ilse
Wednesday 7.00 pm  Ilse (Level 1)
Thursday (private class) 8.00 pm Heather
Saturday 10.30 am  Ilse
Saturday 11.30 am  Ilse (Level 2)

Pre-natal Pilates or Post-natal Pilates

Saturday 9.30 am PRE-NATAL        Heather
Saturday 8.30 am POST-NATAL           Heather


Thursday             6.00 pm                                                                   Saffron
Wednesday             11.15am Jo
Sunday              9.30am  Michelle


Equipment Pilates Classes

EQUIPMENT PILATES CLASSES are small group classes that are specifically designed for the individual. In that respect, they are similar to private sessions. Class groups have a maximum of 4 people.  Classes are paid in multiples of 1’s, 5’s, 10’s &15’s
CANCELLATION The full cost of the class, £18.50, will be forfeited when less than 24 hours notice of the cancellation is given.

Equipment Pilates Class Fees

Multiples of 5, 10 & 15 classes can be purchased
Pay-as-you-go £18.50
5 classes £84.00 (classes must be taken within a 2 month period from time of purchase)
10 classes £165.00 (classes must be taken within a 4 month period from time of purchase)
15 classes £238.00 (classes must be taken within a 6 month period from time of purchase)
Clients will be able to book in advance to any time slot above as long as there is a space available

One-to-One Pilates Classes

Living Pilates & Yoga London - Massage Treatment TableLiving Pilates & Yoga Studio EnfieldThese classes are available by appointment.They are highly recommended for individuals with very specific goals.  These classes are generally equipment based and are also a valuable time to assess your progress, and discuss/work on difficult areas of your technique
Class length 55 minutes Cost per class per person £45.00
Cost for 5 classes paid in advance £203.00
Cost for 10 classes paid in advance £406.00